Whether in peanut candy or peanut butter production line, our roasted peanut peeling machine is an essential part. So why should it be used in the peanut processing line? The advantages are as follows:

Peanut peeler machine
peanut peeler machine

Meet the market demand

With the growing demand for high-quality peanut products, the peanut processing industry is growing. Taizy peanut peeler machine, as an advanced peanut processing equipment, is affordable, and cost-effective, to meet the market’s urgent need for efficient processing equipment.

Improve production efficiency

Our peanut skin removing machine adopts advanced technology and design, which can quickly and efficiently peel off the shell of peanuts, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Compared with the traditional manual shelling method, the mechanized shelling process is not only faster, but also more accurate, saving customers a lot of time and labor costs.

Reduce production cost

Taizy peanut peeling machine is affordable, providing customers with an economical choice. Compared with other high-cost peanut processing equipment, Taize’s machine not only has good performance and quality, but also has a friendly price, which reduces the customer’s investment cost and improves the cost-effectiveness of production.

Enhance product quality

With our peanut peeler machine, the shell of peanut can be removed thoroughly and evenly, which ensures the quality and taste of the product.

After removing the shell, the peanuts are easier to process and preserve, and can produce high-quality peanut products with smooth texture and rich flavor, which can satisfy the taste demand of customers and enhance the competitiveness of the products.