Taizy Company is a professional peanut processing company. We have been established for 20 years and have rich experience in peanut processing. The products we have developed so far include peanut seeder, peanut harvester, peanut fruit picker, peanut sheller, Peanut peeling machine, and other products, we have cooperated with customers all over the world, such as Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States, France, Russia, Pakistan, and other places.

Taizy company
Taizy Company

What services can we provide?

Machine certificate
Machine Certificate

Not sure if your material is suitable?
No problem, we can test the product for you and send you a video.
Don’t know how to operate the machine?
It doesn’t matter, we will send an English manual with an operation video, and there will be specialized technicians to guide the operation
Worried about after-sales service?
Please don’t worry, after you receive the goods, we will still keep in touch, if there is a problem with the machine during the production process, we will help to solve it.

What products do we have?

Peanut products
Peanut Products

Our company mainly produces some machines for peanut processing. From peanut sowing to peanut harvesting, there are corresponding machines, as well as peanut shelling machines, peanut peeling machines, and peanut oil presses. Our company’s philosophy is that it can be a one-stop solution. Customer problems, we hope customers can solve all peanut production problems in our company.

Company location

Applicable shipping methods
Applicable Shipping Methods

We are a company from China. The specific location is in the Economic Development Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. If you need to come to China to visit our factory, we will be very welcome and warmly welcomed.