A peanut harvesting machine is a machine used for groundnut harvest, which can separate the peanuts growing in the soil from the soil. The peanut harvester completes peanut harvesting through the steps of digging, removing soil, and picking fruit. The problem of low labor efficiency is solved, and the peanut harvester can harvest 99% of the peanuts in the field.

Groundnut harvesting
Groundnut Harvesting

The function of peanut harvester

Peanut harvesting machine
Peanut Harvesting Machine

The peanut harvesting machine replaces the manual digging of peanut fruits, turns the peanuts out of the ground, and puts the dug-out peanut seedlings on the side of the machine, which is convenient to be pulled away directly by a car. The net recovery rate is greater than 99% and the peeling rate is less than 1%. After being processed by the peanut harvester, there are almost no peanuts in the world.

Working effect of groundnut harvester

When the peanuts are harvested again, the peanuts that are not tightly connected to the peanut seedlings will fall off. The peanuts need to be picked up one by one for manual harvesting. The peanut harvester has a special structure to automatically collect the scattered peanuts. Arrange all the peanut seedlings on one side to facilitate the collection of peanuts.

peanut harvesting machine working video

How to use the peanut harvesting machine?

Groundnut harvester
Groundnut Harvester

The peanut harvester needs to work with a 20-35 horsepower tractor. If you already have a tractor, you can directly use your own tractor. If not, we also have a matching tractor, you can choose to buy it. The row spacing of peanuts can be adjusted between 180-250mm. The working depth of the peanut harvester is 3-5cm. Applicable to one line and two lines. A peanut planter can be used in the peanut production industry after the peanuts are harvested if you can also use a peanut picking machine to pick the peanut fruit. This saves more time and effort.

Parameters of peanut harvester

Peanut harvester factory
Peanut Harvester Factory
Capacity1300-2000 square meter/h
Packing rate≥98%
Breaking Rate≤1%
Cleaning Rate≥95%
House power30HP
Harvester widthtwo rows
Distance between rows750-850mm
Row spacing180-250mm
Parameters of peanut harvester

Structure of peanut harvesting machine

Peanut harvesting machine
Peanut Harvesting Machine
  • Shovel for digging deep into the soil and loosening the soil
  • The transmission shaft is the transmission device of the peanut harvester, which drives other structures to move together
  • Barbs for the orderly arrangement of peanuts
  • The vibrating screen collects the peanuts falling off the soil and improves the collection rate of the peanut harvester.

Working principle of groundnut harvester

Peanut harvester
Peanut Harvester

The peanut harvester adopts the principle of a vibrating screen. After shaking, the soil of the peanuts is shaken off, and the peanuts are discharged in a section for easy recycling.

Advantages of the peanut harvesting machine

Groundnut harvester
Groundnut Harvester

The harvest is clean and the fruit drop rate is low. When the peanuts are harvested, the scattered peanuts can be picked up together

Suitable for a variety of soils. Suitable for a variety of soils such as sandy soil

Stable and durable, long service life The peanut harvester is designed by professional designers, with a compact structure and durable material

Daily maintenance of peanut harvesting machine

Groundnut harvester
Groundnut Harvester

1. After each shift, the soil of each part of the machine should be removed, and the weeds wrapped around the machine should be removed.

2. Check the fasteners of various parts, if they are loose, fasten them in time, and check the wear of the belt. 

3. Check whether each rotating part rotates flexibly. If it is not normal, it should be adjusted and eliminated in time.

4. When not in use for a long time, the tools should be protected from rain and avoid contact with acidic substances to avoid corrosion. Blades should be oiled!