Taizy peanut oil press machine, also named screw oil press machine, is to make groundnut oil by squeezing, with an output of 40-600kg/h.

Peanut oil press machine
peanut oil press machine

Featuring its easy operation, high oil yield and various types of selections, this groundnut oil making machine is very popular in the world, such as Zambia, Colombia, Bangladesh, Germany, Somalia, USA, etc.,

video on screw oil press machine for groundnut oil making

Features of groundnut oil extraction machine

  • Increase oil yield by 10-30%. Compared with other oil presses, using our screw oil press for peanut oil pressing can increase the oil yield.
  • Safe and convenient. The peanut screw oil press has a precise structure and occupies a small space; an oil mill of 10-20 square meters can meet the demand. It can be produced by simply connecting the power.
  • Energy saving and cost reduction. The peanut screw oil press is very energy-saving, reducing power consumption by 20% compared with other oil presses.
  • Intelligence saves labor. The machine production process can independently control the pressing temperature. Oil and peanut oil cakes are controlled autonomously.

Parameters of peanut oil press machine

Groundnut oil extraction machine
Taizy groundnut oil extraction machine for peanut oil
Screw diameter60mm80mm100mm125mm150mm
Motor(KW)45.57.511 22
Weight (kg)240780110013201420
screw oil press machine parameters

When you choose an oil press for peanut oil extraction, you can refer to the above parameters. If you are a small workshop, it is recommended that you choose a small model 6YL-60, which is cost-effective. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Structure of peanut oil press machine

It is composed of a frame and machine base, feeding mechanism, screw shaft, squeezing cage, cake adjusting machinery, gearbox, and transmission device.

The peanut oil press uses a simple structure to improve the oil yield of peanut oil when screwing, and this peanut oil press has a compact structure and a long service life.

Matched equipment

Oil filter
oil filter

When using this peanut oil press machine, we often use it with the oil filter, which has many benefits for edible oil manufacturers, including:

  • The peanut oil quality is higher and more competitive in the market.
  • The groundnut oil color is more beautiful and the appearance is attractive.

Moreover, we usually make the oil filter barrel and the oil press into one, which is more convenient to use.

Peanut oil press with oil filter
peanut oil press with oil filter

Peanut oil press machines have been very popular in recent years, first of all, because of the extensive planting area of ​​peanuts, peanuts are grown in many countries, and the area is very large. So peanut raw material is very rich.

In addition, the quality of peanut oil is good, and peanut oil is very beneficial to health, so many families will choose peanut oil as the most commonly used oil in the family. Peanut oil is good for absorption and has many protective effects on blood vessels.

One thing to attention is that because the raw material is peanut kernel, peanuts need to be shelled before oil extraction. The peanut shelling machine can do a big favor. Then use the oil press to make peanut oil.

Factors affecting the quality of peanut oil

Raw material for peanut oil press
Raw material for peanut oil press

Raw peanuts. The quality of peanuts greatly affects the quality of peanut oil. In particular, it is necessary to select moldy peanuts before peanut oil extraction. Otherwise, long-term consumption of moldy peanuts will lead to the risk of cancer. Oil press machine, peanut oil press machine will affect the amount of oil output, well-designed peanut oil press machine will increase the oil press output by 10%

What is good quality peanut oil?

Peanut oil
peanut oil
  • Color. High-quality peanut oil is pale yellow and bright in color.
  • Odor. The smell of high-quality peanut oil is fragrant and has the aroma of peanuts.
  • Freezing. Observe the state of the peanuts after freezing, the semi-solid state is a normal phenomenon
  • Used. By observing the fumes of peanut oil when using peanut oil, if the fumes are small and the color does not deepen, it is high-quality peanut oil.

What is the function of peanut cake after oil extraction?

Peanut oil press cake
peanut oil press cake

The peanuts remaining after oil extraction are generally not eaten by people, but they are also very useful materials. For example, they can be crushed and used as animal feed.

They are very high-quality animal food and can also be used as waste, because peanut cakes contain a lot of phosphorus Two elements of potassium, especially used in fruit tree fertilization, can improve fruit tree fruiting rate and fruit sweetness after fertilization.

The use of a peanut oil press machine

Groundnut oil extraction machine
groundnut oil extraction machine

The peanut screw oil press has a wide range of uses. It is very beneficial to open oil mills or oil mills. This screw peanut oil press can not only process peanuts but also soybeans, rapeseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, etc. products. One machine can be used for multiple purposes.

Which grains are high in oil?

It can be seen from the table below that the oil content of peanuts is very high, only lower than that of sesame seeds, but the price of sesame seeds is also higher, and the residual oil rate of peanut oil cakes is less than 6%.

projectSesamePeanutRapeseedSoybeanCottonseedWalnutFlaxCamellia seeds
Oil yield(%)45-5540-5032-4212-1811-2542-5232-3826-38
Thick pie(mm)1.0-1.50.5-2.01.0-1.50.8-1.51.0-2.00.8-1.51.0-1.81.0-2.0
Dry cake residual oil rate(%)≤6≤6≤6≤6≤6≤6≤6≤6
oil content of various seeds

If you want to know more about the screw oil press machine, please contact us for more machine details!