A peanut sheller unit is a device for peeling peanuts after removing impurities. Due to the planting environment, some peanuts have weeds and stones after they are picked and dried, so the machine that only has a shelling function is directly used. For peanut shelling, machine damage is greater. So this machine with two functions at the same time is welcomed. It is especially suitable for peanut peeling processing in hilly, mountainous, and clay-sand soils in peanut planting areas. If you have a smaller yield, you can also use a home peanut sheller machine.

Peanut sheller
Peanut Sheller

Peanut sheller raw material

 The raw material of the peanut shelling unit is dried peanuts. The moisture content of the peanuts needs to be 13%-14%. The drier the peanuts, the lower the breakage rate. Generally, after the peanuts are harvested and picked, they can be dried in the sun for about three days to achieve this effect.

Benefits of peanut sheller cleaning

The main function of cleaning is to remove impurities such as weeds, stones, and sand in the peanuts. After removal, the peanuts are relatively clean after peeling, which brings convenience to the use of peanut kernels. If the impurities are not removed, direct removal will cause the machine to Injury at work is relatively large. Adding a cleaning system can improve the efficiency of peanut shelling.

Structure of peanut sheller

peanut sheller

The cleaning part of the peanut peeling machine

Peanut shelling machine
Peanut Shelling Machine

A cleaning part is a machine that pre-processes peanuts before shelling, and first removes the weeds, sand, and debris from the peanuts. The peanut cleaning part consists of a motor, a feeding hopper, a sorting screen, a crankshaft, a suction fan, and an air transport device. Pour the miscellaneous peanuts into the hopper and flow them into the sorting screen.

Under the action of the suction fan and crankshaft, the sorting screen sucks the broken leaves and floating dust in the peanuts out of the machine. Stones) are sorted by sorting sieve, and go up from the screen surface to the miscellaneous discharge port and flow out of the machine. The peanuts after removing impurities descend from the screen surface through the discharge port and flow into the air conveying device, and the wind transports the peanuts to the hopper of the shelling system.

peeling part of groundnut shelling machine

Peanut sheller machine
Peanut Sheller Machine

Peanut shelling will be carried out after the peanuts are cleaned. After the peanuts are cleaned, the peanuts will automatically enter the peanut shelling step. etc. composition. The peanuts in the feeding hopper flow into the corresponding shelling drum, and the peanuts are peeled through the repeated rubbing force of the strip steel and the cage.

Parameters of peanut sheller

Peanut sheller machine factory
Peanut Sheller Machine Factory
Model6BX-3500 type peanut remover (wind-transported peanut sheller)
Executive standardQ/RJ025-2016
Dimensions (mm)2500*1200*2450
Weight (kg)1200
Three-phase power (kW) for impurity removal system4-3KW      2-3KW
Shelling system supporting power three-phase (kW)6-5.5KW    2-4KW
Production (kg/h)≥2000
The percentage of fruit in kernels (percent sign)≤0.6
The percentage of fruit in kernels (percent sign)≤0.4
Broken rate (%)≤3
Damage rate (%)≤2.8
Damage rate (%)≤0.5
Effectiveness (%)≥98
Number of operatorsDamage rate (%)
peanut sheller

Peanut shelling unit shipped to Brazil

Peanut sheller machine
Peanut Sheller Machine

Our peanut sheller is very popular in Brazil. One of our customers is a local agricultural company. He has been purchasing machines from Hungry for eight consecutive years. We will purchase machines in a centralized manner from June to August every year. A good cooperative relationship has been formed. The Brazilian customer’s favorite is the peanut shelling unit. He said that when they sell and use the machine, the cleaning function of the machine is very suitable for their processing production.