Groundnut shelling and cleaning machine

Export 6BHX-20000 groundnut shelling and cleaning machine to Ghana

A farmer in Ghana owns an extensive peanut plantation, and as production grows year after year, the traditional manual shelling method can no longer meet the demand for efficient processing.....

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Peanut brittle making machine for sale

Our peanut brittle making machine works well in Myanmar food company

A well-known local food company in Myanmar specializes in the production and supply of peanut candy. In order to meet the increasing market demand, improve product quality and expand production....

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Peanut roaster machine for sale

80-120kg/h peanut roaster machine for sale to Pakistan

Recently, we exported a peanut roaster machine for sale to Pakistan. Owning a food processing company in Pakistan, this customer wanted to improve the quality and taste of its peanut....

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Combined peanut sheller

Taizy combined peanut sheller helps Pakistan farm

Our Pakistani customers are efficiently and effectively shelling a large number of peanuts with the help of our combined peanut sheller. Our industrial peanut sheller has high-efficiency shelling technology, which....

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Combined peanut shelling unit

Export combined peanut shelling unit to Mexico

A Mexican customer was facing shelling problems in his own peanut plantation, and the combined peanut shelling unit he was using before was not working well, affecting his production process.....

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Peanut cutting machine

Thailand customer buys peanut cutting machine

Good news from Thailand! This customer from Thailand bought the peanut cutting machine for groundnut processing. Our peanut crushing machine is easy to operate, has high efficiency and has good....

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Peanut shelling unit

Model 1500 peanut shelling unit sold to Tajikistan

In August 2023, one client from Tajikistan bought one peanut shelling unit from Taizy. Our peanut shelling machine has the features of high efficiency, low loss rate and breakage rate,....

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Peanut oil extraction machine

30-60kg/h peanut oil extraction machine sold to Guinea

Here we're excited to share that one Guinea client bought one peanut oil extraction machine in July 2023. Taizy oil press has the great advantages of wide applications, good performance....

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Groundnut shelling machine

700-800kg/h groundnut shelling machine sold to Kenya

Good news! In July 2023, one Kenyan client bought one set of Taizy groundnut shelling machine for his peanut processing. Our peanut cleaning and shelling machine has combined functions for....

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Peanut brittle production line

A peanut brittle production line bought by a Lebanese customer

Good news to Taizy! One client from Lebanon bought a peanut brittle production line for his business. He planned to produce peanut candy in a plant he built and ordered....

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