Peanut picking machine is a machine used to separate peanut seedlings and peanuts. The machine can automatically pick off the peanut with a handling capacity of 800-1000kg/h.

This machine is very helpful for peanut harvesting because it has a picking rate of >99%, a breaking rate of <1%, and an impurity rate of <1%.

Peanut picking machine
Peanut Picking Machine

With the continuous technological upgrades and the need to meet customer needs, we now have three types of groundnut picker machines for you to choose from: small, medium and large. If you are interested, please contact us!

introduction video of types of peanut pickers

Advantages of the peanut picking machine

  • Electric motor, diesel engine and PTO available: The wet and dry peanut picking machine can use these 3 power systems as driven power when groundnut harvesting.
  • Impurity rate of <1%: After picking and cleaning, the peanuts are clean and free of impurities, and can be directly bagged and stored after drying.
  • Small, medium & large groundnut pickers for sale: We now have 3 models for you to choose from. No matter the size of your planting area, there is always one that suits you.
Groundnut picker for sale
groundnut picker for sale

Parameters of the groundnut picker

We have different types of machines. This machine is a small and medium-sized machine with an output of 800-1100kg/h. If you have different needs, you can contact us, and we can send you other types of machine information.

Model 5HZ- 600  5HZ-10005HZ-1800
Power7.5kw motor,10HP diesel engine7.5kw motor, 12HP diesel engine or tractor22kw motor, 28HP diesel engine or ≥35HP tractor
Picking rate>99%>99%>99%
Breaking rate<1%<1%≤3%
Impurity rate<1%<1%≤2%
parameter of peanut digger

Raw material for peanut picking harvesting equipment

The peanut picker is suitable for freshly harvested peanuts, that is, wet peanuts, and can also be used for dry peanuts. It is a wet and dry machine.

There are not too many restrictions on the state of peanuts. It can be directly connected to the tractor, and then directly into the field to process the freshly harvested peanuts.

Raw material for peanut picking machine
Raw material for peanut picking machine

How does a peanut picker work?

Peanut picker working
peanut picker working

It can be directly used with motors, diesel engines, and single-cylinder tractors. The harvested peanut seedlings and peanuts are directly fed into the peanut picking machine for one-time processing and separation. The peanuts and seedlings will be automatically separated by the rotation of the machine.

The separated peanuts fall on the vibrating screen and are transported to the side of the machine to enter the feeding port, and there will be a fan to remove the leaves and impurities in the peanuts.

Structure of small groundnut picker

Structure of groundnut thresher
Structure of groundnut picker machine

Taking the small groundnut picker as an example, this agricultural peanut picking machine is mainly composed of a frame, a motor (diesel engine), a transmission part, a fruit picking part, a fan selection part, and a vibration mechanism.

When the peanut harvesting equipment is operating, the motor or diesel engine drives the machine to run through the feeding inlet and enters the fruit-picking system.

The roller picking rod rotates and strikes to make the peanuts break away from the stem. The fruit and debris fall to the vibrating screen through the gravure hole.

The material port is discharged, and the miscellaneous fruits scattered on the vibrating screen are transferred to the fan suction port to discharge impurities through the vibrating screen, and the clean fruits are selected to complete the whole process.

What equipment is needed for peanut growers?

For farmers who grow peanuts on a large scale, it is necessary to mechanize the work. What machines are needed for peanut planting to peanut harvesting?

A peanut planter is needed to grow peanuts when growing peanuts. When peanuts are harvested, peanut harvesters can be used to harvest peanuts. The peanut picking machine can pick the fruit. A peanut shell can remove the peanut shell, and a peanut oil press can also be used to extract oil.

Such mechanized production can save labor costs and improve production efficiency.

What workload does the groundnut thresher reduce for growers?

  1. Transportation work. The fruit picker can be installed on the tractor, the machine can directly enter the field, and the peanut fruit can be transported away after separation.
  2. Removal time of impurities. The peanut picking machine is equipped with a fan to automatically remove peanut impurities.
  3. Machine work. Put the planned machine directly into the machine, the peanut can be automatically separated
  4. Drying time. The peanut harvesting equipment needs to be dried before the peanuts can be peeled off, but this machine can be used for both wet and dry purposes.
Groundnut thresher
big groundnut picker for sale