The peanut brittle bar production line is the equipment for making peanut candy with peanuts and sugar as raw materials. The size of the peanut brittle bar can be customized. The peanut brittle bar tastes crisp and is very popular in many countries. The groundnut chikki-making machine is also exported all over the world, such as in Lebanon, Canada, Dominica, the United States, and the United Arab Emirates.

Raw materials for peanut brittle bar production line

The formula of each producer of peanut candy is different. The ratio of sugar to peanuts is different, and the taste will be different. In addition, many manufacturers will add different raw materials, such as chestnuts, walnuts, almonds, beans, and coffee Granular materials such as beans can enrich the taste. In addition, sesame candy is also very popular.

The steps of the groundnut chikki-making machine

Peanut brittle bar production line
Peanut brittle bar production line

The peanut candy production line includes peanut roasting, peeling, sugar melting, stirring, peanut candy molding, and packaging. This is a complete production line. Of course, the raw material used should be peanut kernels. If shelled peanuts are used, peanut shelling is also required. , the peanut sheller needs to be installed in front.

Peanut roaster

Peanut roasting can stimulate the aroma of peanuts, so generally, peanut snacks are roasted and then processed. There are different models of peanut roasting machines, the output range is 80kg/h-700kg/h.

TZM-13*1.2*1.780-1201.1 kW18 kW  Peanut roaster tzm-1
TZM-23*2.2*1.7180-2502.2 kW35 kW Peanut roaster tzm-2
TZM-33*3.3*1.7280-3503.3 kW45 kW  Peanut roaster tzm-2
TZM-43*4.4*1.7380-4504.4 kW65 kW Peanut roaster tzm-4
TZM-53*5.5*1.7500-7005.5 kW75 kW Peanut roaster tzm-5
Peanut roaster

Peanut peeling machine

The peanut peeling machine can completely remove the peanut skin, and the peanut peeling machine can complete the peanut peeling, peanut skin, and kernel separation. The peanut skin after removing the red skin is very clean.

Net weight/200KG300KG
Gross weight/260KG370KG
Clean rate96%96%96%
Half grain rate5-20%5-20%5-20%
Peanut peeling machine

Sugar pot

Sugar melting stirring pot

There are different models of sugar melting pots from 50l to 2000l, which can have a stirring function, and the heating method can be selected. The range that can be selected includes natural gas heating, electric heating, steam heating, and other methods.

 MoldMain body weight (pan, base, etc.) (kg)Stirring part weight (kg)Lid weight (kg)Electric control cabinet weight (kg)
Sugar pot

Peanut candy blender

Melted sugar and peeled peanuts need to be fully fused. The mixer can quickly mix the raw materials evenly, and the mixer is equipped with a temperature control device to control the temperature of the raw materials. The inside of the machine also has the function of heat preservation.

Peanut brittle bar production line forming machine

A peanut candy-making machine is a machine that can press peanut candy into shape. When purchasing the machine, you need to tell us the size of your product, including the length, width, and height of the peanut candy.

Host total power380V/50HZ 1.5kw   220/50HZ  2.5KW
host quality1050kg
Finished product weight5g-300g

Peanut brittle bar production line packing machine

Peanut candy packing

After the peanut candy is cut, it can be packaged, and the pillow packaging machine can be used, and the packaging efficiency is high.

Peanut brittle bar production line video

Peanut brittle bar production line video