The semi-automatic peanut butter processing line is a machine that uses peanuts as raw materials to make edible peanut butter production lines. The peanut butter processing line can produce rough peanut butter with a grainy texture and smooth peanut butter, and also can produce sesame paste. Below is the equipment needed to make peanut butter.

Peanut butter processing line process

Baking→cooling→peeling→ grinding→cooling→and filling. The peanut butter production process is mature and the production equipment is simple, so the peanut butter production industry has a bright future.

Peanut butter processing line
peanut butter processing line

Peanut butter production yield selection

The semi-automatic peanut butter processing line can process 50-500kg/h, you can choose according to your processing needs, and our professional technicians will design the corresponding plan.

What equipment is needed to make peanut butter?

peanut roaster

The baking temperature is usually 180°-200°, the baking time should be at least more than 20 minutes, and the material thickness is 5-6cm

peanut peeling machine

After roasting, it needs to cool for a period of time, and a dry peanut peeling machine to remove red skin.

peanut butter grinder

Peanuts require a moisture content of 1% before grinding, and the machine can adjust the particle fineness of the grinding thickness, ranging from 120-150mesh. It can be adjusted through the handle, the fineness becomes smaller and smaller when it is turned clockwise, and the opposite is true when it is turned counterclockwise.

Peanut butter processing line jar

The jars of the peanut butter production line include mixing tanks, vacuum tanks, and storage tanks. The vacuum tank is to eliminate the bubbles of peanut butter and prolongs the storage time.

Peanut butter filling machine

Finally, the packaging of peanut butter, if it is packaged in bottles, will include filling, capping, and labeling.

Peanut butter flavors

The taste of peanut butter is not uniform. Peanut butter is divided into sweet and fresh. Some manufacturers will also add some specific raw materials in their own production process. This seasoning step is after the peanut butter is ground and cooled. That is to say, Season before filling.

Packaging of peanut butter

Packaging of peanut butter
Packaging of peanut butter

The packaging of peanut butter is a point that producers need to pay attention to. Unique packaging can quickly attract consumers. The packaging of peanut butter is divided into bottles and bags, which can be customized.