A six-row peanut seeder is a machine for sowing peanuts. The biggest feature is that it can achieve six-row seeding at the same time, which improves the efficiency of peanut sowing. It is especially suitable for large-scale sowing. When sowing in the peanut planter, it can cover soil, cover film, and fertilize. It is suitable for sandy soil/soft soil (no stones), and it is beneficial to the results of the second vertebrae with peanuts, increasing the yield by about 10%. There are different models of peanut planters, this one is the largest model.

How to set the peanut seeding depth?

Six-row peanut seeder working
Six-row peanut seeder working

The sowing depth of peanuts in each region is different. After purchasing a peanut planter, the sowing depth can be adjusted. The general sowing depth is 30mm-0mm. Sowing too deep is not conducive to the emergence of peanuts, and sowing too shallow is not conducive to the results of peanuts taking root. The adjustable peanut seeder ensures that the emergence rate of peanuts reaches 95%, which is more suitable for various complex terrains and soils

Peanut seeder structure

Groundnut seed drill
groundnut seed drill

The peanut planter is composed of movable rubber wheels, gearbox seed openers, fertilizer seedboxes, hydraulic support arms, etc. There are six seed boxes for the six-row peanut planter. For different types of peanut planters, rubber wheels and seed boxes are all different. The larger the model, the wider the machine. Six rows can be sown at a time, and the work efficiency of large-area peanut sowing is higher.

Parameters of peanut seeder

Groundnut seed drill machine
groundnut seed drill machine

Dimensions: length 2010 × width 1600 × height 980mm
Line spacing: 30-35 (adjustable)
Working width: 1400mm
Function: fertilization, sowing.
Supporting power: 33.5-45kw tractor
Application: Sowing on flat ground
Features: Six-row sowing

Advantages of the groundnut seed drill

Groundnut seed drill machine
groundnut seed drill machine
  • The peanut seeding machine feeds evenly. Peanut seedlings grow more evenly, which is conducive to peanut growth
  • Simple structure. The peanut seeder has a simple structure, powerful functions, few failures, and easy debugging.
  • One machine is multi-purpose, can sow peanuts, and can also sow other grains such as corn.

How to use the peanut seeding machine?

  1. Before the operation, the peanut seeding machines all parts should be adjusted according to the requirements of the operation, and the trial broadcast should be carried out. The left and right openers and discs should pay attention to the balance of resistance to avoid left and right offset.
  2. Before laying the film, the film needs to be pulled back for a section. The film pressing wheels on both sides should be pressed against both sides of the film. The beginning of the film should be compacted with soil. When reaching the ground, the film should be manually cut and the terminal should be buried.
  3. During operation, the hydraulic distributor of the tractor should be moved to the floating position, to maintain a stable forward speed of the tractor, and not be fast or slow.
  4. Adjustment of the moldboard: Adjust the moldboard column, and the height of the moldboard is appropriate to scrape the surface dry soil.
  5. Sowing depth adjustment: The lead screw of the seeding opener can be rotated to adjust the seeding depth, and the sowing depth should be 20-40mm.
  6. The row spacing adjustment of seeds: the frame beam is equipped with a row spacing adjuster, which can be moved left and right, and the row spacing can be adjusted at 280~1000mm.
  7. Seed spacing adjustment: The ground wheel is designed as six circular sliders of the same size. The sliders are provided with longitudinal sliding holes. Expanding the circumference of the ground wheel outward will increase the plant spacing, otherwise, it will shrink.