Good news! In July 2023, one Kenyan client bought one set of Taizy groundnut shelling machine for his peanut processing. Our peanut cleaning and shelling machine has combined functions for groundnut processing, which has advantages of high efficiency, good performance, and machine quality.

Groundnut shelling machine
groundnut shelling machine

Why buy the industrial peanut shelling machine for Kenya?

Kenya is an agriculture-driven country, and peanut farming has an important place in the region. As one of the important agriculture in Kenya, the market demand for peanuts is huge. Recognizing the important role of peanut shelling units in improving peanut processing efficiency and reducing labor costs, this customer decided to purchase this equipment for the peanut farming industry in Kenya.

Our groundnut shelling machine is not only adaptable, but also offers excellent after-sales service. Through understanding our company and products, the customer expressed full trust and satisfaction in our professional level and quality, and placed an order immediately.

Reference to the groundnut shelling machine parameters for Kenya

Machine pictureParametersQty
Groundnut shelling machineModel:6BHX-1500
Capacity (kg/h):700-800
Shelling Rate (%):≥99
Cleaning Rate (%):≥99
Breakage Rate (%):≤5
Loss Rate (%):≤0.5
Humidity (%):10
Shelling Motor  :1.5KW;3KW
Cleaning Motor:2.2KW
Total Weight (kg):520
Dimension (mm):1500*1050*1460
1 set
peanut sheller machine parameters

Notes to the peanut cleaning and shelling machine:

  1. The customer made a full payment to this combined groundnut shelling machine.
  2. Production time: 10-14 days.