Good news to Taizy! One client from Lebanon bought a peanut brittle production line for his business. He planned to produce peanut candy in a plant he built and ordered the peanut candy production line from us.

Peanut brittle production line
peanut brittle production line

Why buy Taizy peanut brittle production line and deliver to Ghana?

Our peanut candy production line is manufactured with advanced technology and high-quality materials, which can produce high-quality peanut candy products in a stable and efficient manner.

With the support of Taizy peanut candy production line, this customer is able to produce peanut candy products with unique tastes and mellow flavors, bringing more choices to the market.

This is because the customer’s machine is being used in Ghana. In order to meet the customer’s demand, we prepared the peanut brittle production line for shipment to Ghana to ensure the machine arrived at the customer’s plant on time.

Machine list for Lebanese customer

The machines in order are peanut roaster, peanut peeling machine, sugar boiled pot, mixing machine, cutting and forming machine, and packaging machine. Of course, the conveyor is used in this peanut brittle production line.