We export to the United States peanut harvester and peanut picker, peanut harvest machine, and peanut picker are both peanut processing machines. Today we received the news that the customer has received the peanut harvester, and the peanuts can be picked up next week, just in time to use the newly arrived peanut harvester.

Groundnut harvester
Groundnut Harvester

How do we get in touch with peanut harvester customers?

The customer saw the peanut harvester article on our website, so according to the contact information on the website, he directly sent a message on WhatsApp. After our customer service Angel received the customer information, he learned that the customer needed a groundnut harvester, we left the contact information of the American peanut harvesting machine customer and asked for the mailbox, which is convenient for sending some machine information.

Peanut harvester customer introduction

Peanut harvest machine details
Peanut Harvest Machine Details

 This American peanut harvester customer is a farmer who grows hundreds of acres of peanuts. He is very busy and tiring every time the peanut harvesting season comes. So customers have been concerned about the convenient way to collect peanut harvest. Customers were very interested after seeing our machines, so they contacted us immediately. Our sales manager sent this American peanut harvesting machine customer a video of the machine harvesting peanuts. What questions do

we solve for our peanut equipment customers

Peanut equipment factory
Peanut Equipment Factory

1. How does the machine get to the field?

The machine can have its own wheels and needs to be connected to the tractor when working, so the peanut harvester can be transported to the field by the tractor.

 2. If a part is worn or broken and needs replacement what does the farmer do?

The structure of this peanut harvester is very simple, and there are no wearing parts, so this machine is very durable, and we have a one-year warranty period.

3. How long does it take to ship from China to a US port?

the voyage takes about 50-55days

4. Will the installation instructions be in English or Chinese?