Here we’re excited to share that one Guinea client bought one peanut oil extraction machine in July 2023. Taizy oil press has the great advantages of wide applications, good performance and long service life. Now let’s together take a deep look.

Peanut oil extraction machine
peanut oil extraction machine

Why buy the peanut oil extraction machine for Guinea?

A foreign trade company in Guinea, found that the peanut oil pressing market in Guinea has great potential in his research. Considering his own customer resources in the peanut industry, he quickly decided to expand his business scope and help his customers to buy screw oil presses to meet the market demand.

After a deep understanding of the market, he found Taizy’s 60-model peanut oil extraction machine with oil filtering drums, which is characterized by high-efficiency oil extraction and convenient filtering, and meets the needs of end customers. Thus, he placed the order quickly.

Reference to the machine parameters for Guinea

Screw oil pressing machineScrew oil pressing machine
Voltage:220v,50hz,single phase
1 pc
machine parameters for Guinea

Notes: The voltage of the 60 model oil extraction machine is 220V, 50Hz single phase with oil filter drum. As a middleman, he provides professional pre-sale and after-sale services for his customers.