A peanut picker machine is a machine that separates peanut seedlings and peanuts. The use of the peanut picking machine reduces the burden on peanut planting. The Mexican customer is a peanut farmer. Buy a peanut picker for your own farm.

How to recommend a suitable peanut picker machine for customers?

Peanut picking machine
peanut picking machine

First of all, what we want to know is whether the Mexican peanut picker machine customer wants an electric motor or a diesel engine. The customer did not reply immediately, but after an investigation the next day, he decided to buy a diesel motor because his ranch voltage is very low, and may not be able to drive. electric motor.

Advantages of peanut picking machine diesel engine

It is not affected by the voltage and is relatively stable. In addition, the diesel generator is more convenient, especially since the peanut picker is often used in farmland work, and it is more convenient to move. Therefore, it is generally recommended that customers buy a peanut picker with a diesel generator. Unless the electricity is very cheap in the customer’s area, oil is very expensive. Customers can use the electric drive.

The model of peanut picking machine purchased by Mexican customers



Picking rate:>99%

Broken rate:<1%