In August 2023, one client from Tajikistan bought one peanut shelling unit from Taizy. Our peanut shelling machine has the features of high efficiency, low loss rate and breakage rate, thus, exporting to many countries. Below let’s together review the case.

Peanut shelling unit
peanut shelling unit

Why choose to buy a peanut shelling unit for Tajikistan?

This customer is a peanut grower, and deeply appreciated the tedious and time-consuming manual shelling. In order to improve processing efficiency, he started to look for a more efficient solution and learned about the peanut shelling unit.

He hoped that with the help of the machine, he could shell peanuts quickly, reduce labor input, and improve production efficiency at the same time.

Taizy peanut shelling unit’s advantages

This machine is able to shell peanuts at an efficient rate, which not only increases processing speed, but also maintains the integrity and quality of the peanuts. This customer realized that with the precise operation of the machine, he could achieve higher shelling and crushing rates, thus ensuring quality and quantity of production.

Groundnut shelling and stone removing machine
groundnut shelling and stone removing machine

Another significant advantage of the peanut shelling machine is its ability to greatly increase productivity and free up labor. The customer found that the machine was able to complete the shelling task at a blistering speed, much faster than manual shelling. This meant that he was able to process more peanuts in the same amount of time, easing the burden of manual operations and saving him valuable time and energy.

In summary, this customer chose to purchase our groundnut shelling unit.

Peanut shelling unit PI for Tajikistan

Peanut shelling unit pi
peanut shelling unit PI

Notes to the peanut cleaning and shelling machine:

  1. Voltage: 380v, 50hz, 3 phase.
  2. Extra with a 9.5mm and 7.5mm screen, wooden case packing for transportation.