The peanut harvesting time must be appropriate. If the harvest is too early, a large number of peanuts will not fully develop and mature, resulting in incomplete peanuts and shriveled peanuts. If the peanuts are harvested too late, the peanuts will fall. Falling into the soil, it is difficult to compare the price of the harvest, and it also increases the chance of peanut rot. So choosing the right time to harvest peanuts is very important.


Three ways to judge whether peanuts are ripe

 1.Observe peanut plants 

Peanut plants 
Peanut Plants&Nbsp;

After the peanuts enter the mature stage, the growth of the above-ground parts of the plant will decline, and the top will stop growing, the color of the leaves will become lighter, and the stems and branches will also turn yellow-green. If these symptoms are found in the plants, it can basically be judged that the peanuts are mature and ready to be harvested.

2. Look at the peanut shell 

Peanut shell 
Peanut Shell&Nbsp;

You can pull out a few peanuts to observe the pods. If the pod shell is clear and hardened, it basically means it has matured, and when the endocarp at the place where the seeds are squeezed is dark brown, it can be harvested. In addition, the full fruit rate should also be taken into account. There are certain differences according to different varieties. For example, early-maturing small peanut varieties can only be harvested when the full fruit rate reaches more than 75%.

3、observe peanut kernels

Peanut kernels
Peanut Kernels

When the kernels show symptoms such as plump particles, thin skin, and smoothness, and the color of the kernels is the color inherent to the variety, it means that it is ripe and ready to be harvested.

What are the peanut harvesting tools?

Peanut harvesting
Peanut Harvesting

With the development of society, there are not only ordinary peanut harvesting tools, but also fully automated peanut harvesting machines, which can automatically harvest peanuts, and scattered peanuts can also be collected automatically. The peanut harvesting rate has reached 99%. Therefore, agricultural producers who grow peanuts in a large area now have a peanut harvester.