The two common oil extraction machines in the market are screw presses and hydraulic presses, but we are not very clear about their differences, and we do not know which oil press to choose when buying. The following are some differences between the two oil presses, you can learn about these two oil presses.

The difference between screw press and hydraulic press

Hydraulic oil presses are often used to press high-grade oils such as sesame and walnut. The hydraulic oil press belongs to static oil production, the oil yield is lower than that of the screw oil press, the power consumption is small, the equipment is large and the floor area is large. However, the hydraulic oil press has the advantages of simple structure and power saving.

The hydraulic oil press can be applied to some scattered dispersed oil (such as rice bran, etc.) and oil that needs to maintain special flavor or nutrition (such as cocoa beans, olives, sesame, etc.) Refining hydraulic oil. In addition, the hydraulic oil press can also be used for the pressing and separation of solid fat or wax bran.

Advantages of hydraulic oil extraction machines

Hydraulic oil extraction machines
Hydraulic Oil Extraction Machines

The hydraulic oil extraction machines are a combination of traditional pressing principles and modern technology. Compared with ordinary oil presses, it has a high reasonable rate, environmental protection and energy saving, high added value of products, no loss, no noise, no heating for physical pressing, and no addition of most of the oil.

Chemical raw materials, no need to clean oil, easy to operate, no wearing parts, long service life. The biggest advantage of the hydraulic oil press is that the equipment pressure is static pressure, the mechanical friction of the oil is very small, the oil squeezed is very clear, and it can be eaten directly without most of the processing, which is convenient and safe. The disadvantage of the hydraulic oil press is that the oil yield is relatively low, the single function is small, the oil has a lot of work in the pre-pressing sequence, and needs to be crushed, steamed and fried, and packed with cakes. large, small output. Therefore, it is generally used to squeeze high-grade oil.

Advantages of screw oil extraction machines

Peanut oil machine
Peanut Oil Machine

The equipment investment of the screw oil press is small and the processing capacity is high. The screw oil press can process granular oils such as rapeseed, soybean, peanut, cottonseed, tea seed, etc., so it is also called a multifunctional oil press. The screw press is made of high-quality mold steel CR12 after quenching and fine grinding, which ensures at least 400,000 kg of oil press material, which is tough and durable.