In recent years, with the promotion of agricultural mechanization, the roasted peanut peeling machine, as efficient and labor-saving equipment, is gradually receiving wide attention from farmers and enterprises. Its unique advantages and characteristics make it an important tool for the peanut processing industry. Let’s explore the characteristics and advantages of the groundnut peeling machine together in depth below.

Roasted peanut peeling machine
roasted peanut peeling machine

Features of Taizy peanut peeling machine

Taizy’s roasted peanut peeling machine is popular because of the following features:

  • Automation: The peanut peeling machine adopts an automated workflow that enables fast and continuous peeling operations and reduces manual intervention.
  • Safe and reliable: The roasted peanut peeling machine adopts advanced safety measures and equipment protection systems to ensure the safety of operators and reduce the occurrence of malfunctions and accidents.
  • Various types: The groundnut peeling machine models are available, from 200-1000 kg per hour, according to different needs.

Advantages of using the roasted peanut peeling machine

  • High efficiency: The peanut roaster is able to process a large number of peanuts in a short time, which greatly improves productivity.
  • Maintain product quality: The precise peanut peeling operation of the peanut peeling machine can maintain the integrity and appearance of peanuts, ensuring the quality and taste of the finished product.
  • Strong adaptability: The roasted peanut peeling machine can be adjusted and adapted according to different specifications and varieties of peanuts, which has strong adaptability and is suitable for various different sizes of peanuts.

Package and delivery of the roasted peanut peeling machine for sale

Our roasting peanut peeling machine is generally used in the peanut candy or peanut butter production line for peanut peel, so it is also often exported abroad, the above is the package of peanut peeling machine in the peanut candy production line sold to a customer in Zimbabwe.