A peanut planting machine is a machine used for peanut sowing. Using the machine to improve the seeding efficiency of peanuts, is very helpful for farms that grow peanuts with large yields. soil and other functions. This peanut planter is available in several models, with a two-row peanut planter, a four-row peanut planter, and the largest model, a six-row peanut seeder machine.

Peanut planting machine
Peanut Planting Machine

Why use the peanut planting machine

Peanut planter effect display
Peanut Planter Effect Display

At present, many countries have the characteristics of large planting areas and are very busy during planting and harvesting time. However, the peanut sowing period is generally about ten days. Missing the peanut sowing time these days may lead to delayed peanut growth and results. And peanuts generally need to be fertilized before sowing, which requires a variety of work at the same time. These jobs can be done quickly with a peanut planter. When planting peanuts, the machine can accurately sow seeds and save peanut seeds. Peanut harvesting is also an important part. Our company also has peanut harvesting machines, which can quickly pull out peanuts from the ground when the peanuts are harvested.

The role of the peanut planter

Peanut planting machine details
Peanut Planting Machine Details

The main function of the peanut planting machine is to efficiently complete the work of peanut sowing, but the peanut seeder also has functions such as fertilization and mulching, and the row spacing of peanut sowing can be adjusted independently. The conventional setting is 300-350mm, which is fully considered. to the differences in planting habits in various regions.

Workflow of the peanut planting machine

Six row peanut planting machin e working
Six-Row Peanut Seeder Working

The planting process of peanut sowing is to fill the waste box with waste first, the shovel of the machine will dig down, and the fertilizer will be buried in the soil. Then the peanut seeds will leak down in the bucket, fall into the dug gap, and finally be buried. The peanut planting machine needs to be equipped with a 33.5-45kw tractor. The planter is very adaptable and can be adjusted flexibly. When working, the width of the seeding can be adjusted, that is, the row spacing of the peanut planter, and the depth of the seeder can also be adjusted. The planting depth of peanuts can be adjusted according to the local peanut planting characteristics and experience.

Parameters of peanut planter

Groundnut sowing machine
Groundnut Sowing Machine
matched power(hp)20-4040-7060-90
weight180 kg350 kg450 kg
seed box capacity10kg *210kg *410kg *6
No. Of rows246
space of rows300-350 mm300-350 mm300-350 mm
space of seed80-300 mm80-300 mm80-300 mm
productivity0.5-0.8 acre/h0.8-1.6 acre/h1.6-3.2acre/h
Seeding rate>98%>98%>98%
Parameters of peanut planter

Two-row groundnut sowing machine

Two-row groundnut sowing machine

A two-row groundnut sowing machine is a machine that can sow two rows of peanuts at one time. The working efficiency of the machine is 0.5-0.8acre/h, and the seeding rate is greater than 98%

Four-row peanut planter

A four-row peanut planter is a machine that can sow four rows at a time, and the working efficiency of four-row peanut sowing is 0.8-1.6 acre/h. The seeding rate is more than 98%

Four-row peanut planter

Six-row peanut planting machine

Four-row peanut planter

A six-row peanut planter is a machine that can sow six rows at a time. The efficiency of the machine is 1.6-3.2acre/h. It is the largest model of our company’s peanut planter. The seeding rate of peanuts is greater than 98%.

Advantages of groundnut sowing machine

Corn field peanut sowing
Cornfield Peanut Sowing

Emergence rate. Increase peanut yield by 10% using peanut planter

High working efficiency. The peanut planter can sow multiple rows at a time, and the sowing efficiency is 20 times that of manual work.

Diverse functions. The peanut planter can perform various functions such as fertilization, film mulching, and soil mulching.

Seed saving. Peanut planter is highly accurate and avoids wasting seeds