This is a small peanut roasting machine, also called a ground nut roaster, which can roast all kinds of nuts. Peanut roasting can increase the flavor of peanuts and stimulate the aroma of peanuts. Peanut roasting machines are often used in the production process of peanut butter, Peanuts must be roasted before grinding.

Which peanut foods are used in the peanut roasting machine?

Many peanut food processing needs to use peanut roasting machines, such as the production of peanut butter, the production of coated peanut snacks, the production of peanut candy, etc., because peanuts will be more fragrant after roasting.

How does a peanut roaster work?

Peanut roaster
peanut roaster

The small peanut roasting machine is generally used for roasting peanuts in small batches. The heating method of the peanut roasting machine is not unique, and you can choose electric heating or gas heating. The average roasting time of the peanut roasting machine is 30 minutes, and there are small holes in the roasting oven, which is good for heat dissipation.

Can the peanut roaster process other nuts?

This small peanut roasting machine has a wide range of applications. In addition to peanuts, it can also roast sunflower seeds, beans, cocoa beans, cashew almonds, and other nuts. It can also process sesame seeds, but the machine for roasting sesame seeds needs to be customized separately. Because of the small size of the sesame, small holes cannot be set in the furnace, and the material outlet must be customized separately to place the sesame to fall out.

Advantages of small peanut roasting machine

  1. Even heating, good color, and taste of peanuts.
  2. The temperature can be adjusted from 0-300℃
  3. A variety of heat sources can be customized, gas heating or electric heating
  4. The operation is simple and convenient, and you can learn how to operate it by sending instructions and videos