A wet peanut peeler machine is a machine for peeling peanuts. The wet peanut peeling machine is the process of soaking the peanuts in water and then putting them into the machine for peeling. This method can ensure that the peanuts are still pure and fragrant after peeling, and the peanut kernels are still intact and white. In addition to wet peanut peeler machine, there is also a dry peanut peeling machine, which are two completely different ways of peeling peanut kernels.

Wet peanut peeler machine
Wet Peanut Peeler Machine

Application scope of wet peanut peeler machine

Peanut soak
Peanut Soak

This peanut peeling machine can not only process peanuts but also can be used for peeling other nuts such as soybeans, almonds, chickpeas, etc. It needs to be soaked for 3-5 minutes before peeling. In this way, the red skin and the peanut kernels are not so fitted, leaving a certain gap between them, so that the wet peanut peeler machine will not damage and damage the peanuts when the peanut sheller is peeled, and the peeling efficiency after soaking will also be improved. promote.

How to use a peanut peeling machine?

Test before delivery of peanut peeling machine
Test Before Delivery Of Peanut Peeling Machine

Wet peeling mainly involves soaking the peanuts in warm water for 3-5 minutes, and then pouring the peanuts into the hopper. By shaking the peanuts, they enter the rotating rubber roller. After the rubber ring rubs, the red skin of the peanut is removed and discharged through different outlets, and the skin and kernel can be automatically separated. Its main technical parameters are peeling rate: 98%±2, broken rate: less than 3%, and whole kernel rate: 90%±5.

The principle of the peanut peeler machine

The wet peanut peeler machine is to send the soaked peanuts into the gap between each two adjacent rubber friction rings through the feeding mechanism. The friction advances in the ring gap. When the friction advances to the pressing wheel and the limit light bar, the peeled peanuts fall into the spiral discharge chute, and the peeled peanuts are sent to the reverse material by the screw shaft to be discharged from the discharge port. The peeled peanuts Under the action of water flushing, the red skin is transferred from the red skin pull-out wheel to the red skin outlet tray behind the material wheel and the limit light bar to be discharged.

Parameters of peanut peeling machine

Different models of peanut peeling machines
Different Models Of Peanut Peeling Machines
 power0.75kw 380v 1.1KW 220v0.75kw 380v 1.1KW 220v
 peeling rate92%—-95%92%—-95%
Wholeness rate85—-90%85–90%
breakage rate2—-3%2—-3%
Parameters of peanut peeling machine

Advantages of peanut peeling machine

Wet peanut peeler machine
Wet Peanut Peeler Machine

1. The peanut peeling machine adopts the wet peeling process, the broken rate is low, and the quality of peanuts after peeling is good.

2. After the peanuts are peeled, the surface color of the almonds will not change, and the protein will not be lost.

3. During the peanut peeling process, the peel and the nut can be automatically separated and discharged.

4. The machine has the advantages of small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, and convenient operation.

5. The Wet peanut peeler machine has the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, high productivity, good peeling effect, and low half-grain rate.

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