Taizy peanut handling company

Taizy Company is a professional peanut processing company. We have been established for 20 years and have rich experience in peanut processing. The products we have developed so far include peanut seeder, peanut harvester, peanut fruit picker, peanut sheller, Peanut peeling machine, and other products, we have cooperated with customers all over the world, such as Australia, the Philippines, Singapore, the United States, France, Russia, Pakistan, and other places.

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Six-row peanut seeder

A six-row peanut seeder is a machine for sowing peanuts. The biggest feature is that it can achieve six-row seeding....

Peanut shelling machine

A peanut sheller unit is a device for peeling peanuts after removing impurities. Due to the planting environment, some peanuts....

Peanuts skin remover equipment

A peanut peeling machine is a machine used to remove the red coat of peanuts. The peanuts will be hulled....

Peanut oil press machine

The screw peanut oil press machine is a very common type of screw oil press. The peanut oil is squeezed....

Peanut picking machine

A peanut picking machine is a machine used to separate peanut seedlings and peanuts. The machine can automatically pick off....

Peanut harvesting machine

A peanut harvesting machine is a machine used for groundnut harvest, which can separate the peanuts growing in the soil....

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