This customer from Lebanon is a food processing factory owner who specializes in producing high-quality peanut products. As the market demand increased, he decided to expand his business and start producing coated peanuts.

To do so, he needed a peanut roaster with superior performance to ensure that the peanuts were in optimal condition before coating.

Peanut roaster
peanut roaster

His needs

This customer needed a machine that could roast peanuts efficiently to preserve their flavor and texture. He was particularly interested in the peanut roasting machine‘s roasting uniformity, throughput, and ease of operation. He wanted to find a machine that would increase productivity while maintaining product quality.

Why choose our peanut roaster?

After looking at several machines on the market, he finally chose a peanut roaster from Taizé. Our peanut roasting machine has the following advantages:

  • Efficient roasting: The advanced heating system ensures that the peanuts are heated evenly and roasted consistently.
  • Large capacity: Suitable for high-volume production to meet his needs.
  • Easy to operate: The intuitive operation interface and automatic control system make the process more convenient.
  • Energy-saving and environmental protection: Energy-saving design reduces energy consumption and minimizes environmental impact.
Commercial peanut roasting machine for sale
commercial peanut roasting machine for sale

Customer review

This customer expressed great satisfaction with our roasted peanut machine. He especially appreciated the high efficiency and stability of the machine, saying that it greatly improves production efficiency and guarantees the quality of the products.

The roasted peanuts have a strong aroma and crispy texture, which lays a good foundation for the subsequent coating process.

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