Sugar is definitely indispensable in making peanut candy. Cane sugar will melt when heated, and can be mixed with roasted nuts, and then shaped and cut. This is the basic principle of making peanut candy. Usually melting sugar requires a steam cooking pot.

The function of sugar cooking pot

In addition to being used as a pot for melting sugar, sugar cooking pots are also commonly used in food processing and chemical and pharmaceutical industries. They are mainly used for heating liquids. The capacity of sugar melting pots is relatively large, and there are different models to choose from. For example, 50l, 100, 200l, 500l. The sugar melting pot can be heated to about 120 degrees Celsius.

Precautions for using the sugar melting pot

Sugar melting pot
sugar melting pot
  1. Before using the sugar cooking pot, be sure to check whether there is any leakage of the power supply and whether it has been connected properly. To prevent electric shock during operation, keep your hands dry and never touch the power supply with wet hands.
  2. In the process of use, you should always pay attention to the temperature change of the heat transfer oil, and the temperature of the heat transfer oil should not exceed 200 degrees.
  3. After the electric heating jacketed pot heats the material to the required temperature, the material is released from the bottom of the pot.
  4. In the process of use, the air outlet cannot be blocked, otherwise, it will cause the oil temperature to be too high, which is easy to cause or cause accidents. The air outlet should be blocked first when the tiltable electric heating jacketed pot is discharged. , to avoid hot oil overflowing and scalding the staff.
  5. The stirring structure of the sugar cooking pot has two forms in total, one is the ordinary stirring structure, and the other is the scraping stirring structure.
  6. In order to keep it clean, the pot body should be cleaned every time it is used

Features of the

Sugar melting pot
Sugar melting pot
  1. Constant temperature control, fast heating, high temperature, bright color of fried materials
  2. No sticky pot, the unique stirring device can cover every corner of the pot body so that the material will not stick to the pot and stir evenly.
  3. Convenient and fast discharging: the hydraulic double-cylinder turning pot discharges the material, making the discharging more convenient and fast;
  4. Automatic temperature measurement: the temperature control head is in contact with the material, directly measures the material temperature, and the temperature measurement is accurate;
  5. The equipment is made of stainless steel 304, with a beautiful appearance, easy to clean, and fully automatic control.