A peanut kernel cutting machine is equipment for processing peanut kernels. The machine can cut peanut kernels into different sizes. This machine is often used in the processing of biscuits, pastries, and cakes.

The scope of application of the peanut-cutting machine

Application of the peanut cutting machine
application of the peanut-cutting machine

In addition to cutting peanuts, this granulator can also process other nuts such as walnuts and almonds. The peanut dicing machine can process many materials, which is why the peanut dicing machine is popular. Also, we have machines for slicing peanuts into flakes.

Parameters of chopped peanuts

Peanut cutting machine
peanut cutting machine
ModelCapacity VoltagePowerDimension Weight 
Parameters of chopped peanuts

Structure of peanut cutter

Peanut kernel cutting machine
peanut kernel cutting machine

The machine consists of a feeding machine, elevator, cutting roller, cleaner, second strong vibrating screen, etc.

Advantages of peanut kernel cutting machine

Peanut kernel cutting machine
peanut kernel cutting machine
  1. The size of chopped peanuts can be adjusted. The machine is equipped with a vibrating screen, which can screen out peanuts of different specifications
  2. The peanut-cutting machine has a conveyor belt. Through the speed of the conveyor belt, the size of the particles can be adjusted
  3. Peanuts are cut evenly and the yield is high.