A peanut slicing machine is a machine for cutting peanut kernels. The peanuts processed by the peanut slicing machine are very uniform and will not affect the taste of the peanut slices when eaten. This machine is in Nigeria, Lebanon, Mexico, Belgium, etc.

What other nuts can the peanut slicer process?

Nut slicing machine
Nut Slicing Machine

A peanut slicer is a multi-functional machine, in addition to slicing peanuts, it can also cut almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, and other nuts.

Application of peanut slicing machine

The peanut slicer is mainly used to cut nuts into slices for the processing of cakes and biscuits. Richer the taste of food and increase the aroma of food.

Decorate the cake
decorate the cake

How to use a peanut slicer?

Put the peanuts in the hopper. Adjust the quantitative gate of the hopper, and control the supply of peanuts through the gate, the peanuts fall through the gate, and the high-speed rotating blade in the peanut slicer cuts the peanuts into slices.

The structure of the peanut slicing machine

The peanut slicer is composed of several main parts such as a motor, a rotary cutter head, and a hopper. The peanut slicer is equipped with a peanut steering wheel, and the peanut machine can be moved freely.

Peanut slicer parameters

Dimensions: 1000x550x1500

Power: 1.5KW

Equipped with an air pressure of 0.3-0.4Mpa

Power supply: 3P/380V

Capacity: 50-200KG/H

Precautions when slicing peanuts

Slicing peanuts
slicing peanuts

1. The nuts to be sliced ​​may be too dry. If the material is too dry, it must be soaked and then dried and sliced. Peanuts are preferably peanut kernels with the red skin removed, which will be cleaner after processing

2. If the material is too dry, the slices are easy to break. If the moisture content is too high, chips may build up on the cutter head and outlet.

3. Nuts should be selected and processed, and there should be no debris such as sand and stones in them, otherwise, it will cause the edge of the blade to break.