Our Pakistani customers are efficiently and effectively shelling a large number of peanuts with the help of our combined peanut sheller. Our industrial peanut sheller has high-efficiency shelling technology, which can shell 700-8000kg per hour, and can shell peanuts quickly and effectively.

Combined peanut sheller
combined peanut sheller

Introduction of this Pakistani client

The Pakistani customer is an experienced farmer who is mainly involved in peanut farming business. He has a long experience in the agricultural field and understands that modern agriculture requires efficient technology and equipment to improve yield and quality.

He has clear goals and needs to improve the efficiency of agricultural production and guarantee the quality of products. Therefore, he actively searches for agricultural machinery and equipment that meet his needs to improve the competitiveness and economic efficiency of his farm. So he contacted us for peanut shelling and cleaning machinery.

Highlights of Taizy combined peanut sheller

What attracted this Pakistani customer? It is the following advantages of our machines:

  • Efficient shelling boosts productivity: Our peanut shelling unit adopts efficient shelling technology, significantly increasing peanut productivity. Farmers no longer need to shell peanuts by hand; the machine brings a whole new experience to peanut shelling with its swift and precise operation.
  • Quality shelling guarantees quality: By using Taizy’s machines, peanuts are shelled more evenly, maintaining their integrity and avoiding damage and breakage. This helps to improve the quality of agricultural products, making them more competitive in the market.

It is the above advantages that made this customer finally place an order with us, the list is as follows:

Peanut sheller machinePeanut Sheller Machine
Capacity (kg/h):1500-2200
Shelling Rate (%):≥99
Cleaning Rate (%):≥99
Breakage Rate (%):≤5
Loss Rate (%):≤0.5
Humidity (%):10
Shelling Motor  :4KW;5.5KW
Cleaning Motor:3KW
Total Weight (kg):1300
Dimension (mm):2500*1200*2450
Packing size:2.43*1.18*2.18m  
Includes motors, air conveyor control panel
1 set
machine list for Pakistan

Good package and safe delivery to Pakistan

Excellent packaging and safe delivery is crucial for sending to Pakistan. Our attention to detail ensures that each parcel is carefully packed to prevent damage during transit, ultimately ensuring that our customers receive their goods in perfect condition.

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