A peanut shell removal machine is a machine for shelling peanuts. After the peanuts are picked and dried, the peanut shell needs to be taken out. This peanut sheller is small and light and can be moved at any time. It is popular for its good peanut shelling effect. This peanut sheller can be used in family farms, oil mills, peanut seed factories, and peanut food factories. This is a small peanut shelling machine, our company also has a large peanut cracking machine that can clean and peel peanuts at the same time.

Peanut shell removing machine
Peanut Shell Removing Machine

Application scope of peanut cracking machine

This peanut shell removal machine can be used in oil mills. When in use, oil mills usually use peanut shellers for processing, and then place a screw press to squeeze peanut oil. It can be used in peanut factories to make peanut snacks, such as coated peanuts and peanut candies. Can also be used on family farms, it is very simple to operate and can be moved anywhere.

Parameters of peanut sheller

Overall Dimension1330*750*1570mm
Net Weight160kg
Breakage Rate≤2.0%
Damage Rate≤3.0%
Peeling Rate≥98%
Power3kw,220v,50hz,copper motor
Functionpeanut shelling
peanut shelling machine

Structure of peanut shell removing machine

Peanut shell removing machine
Peanut Shell Removing Machine

The peanut shelling machine is composed of a frame, a fan, a rotor, a single-phase motor, a screen (there are two sizes), a feeding hopper, a vibrating screen, a V-belt, and its transmission V-belt. After the peanuts are shelled, there will be a fan to remove the impurities of the peanut kernels to ensure a clean rate after shelling.

Working principle of peanut shell removing machine

Peanut shell removing machine working
Peanut Shelling Machine Working

Under the collision of the rotor, the peanuts are broken as a whole. After passing through the screen, they fall to the fan. Under the blowing force of the fan, the lightweight peanut shells are blown out of the peanut shelling machine, and the peanut kernels are discharged from the peanut shelling machine. outflow. After the machine is in normal operation, put the peanuts into the feeding hopper quantitatively, uniformly, and continuously, and the peanut shells are broken under the repeated blows, frictions, and collisions of the rotor. Under the rotating wind pressure and blow of the rotor, the peanut granules and broken peanut shells pass through the screen with apertures.

At this time, the peanut shells and granules are subjected to the blowing force of the rotating fan, and the light-weight peanut shells are blown out of the machine body, and the peanut granules The purpose of cleaning is achieved through the screening of the vibrating screen.

How to improve peanut shelling?

Peanut shell removing
Peanut Shell Removing

In order to achieve the best effect of the peanut sheller, it is necessary to properly dry and wet the peanuts. If the peanuts are too dry, the crushing rate of the peanuts will be high, and if the peanuts are too wet, the peanut shelling efficiency will be affected. You can use 10 kg of warm water to spray on the surface of 50 kg of peanuts 10 hours in advance. This will improve the peeling effect.

Advantages of groundnut cracking machine

Groundnut cracking machine
Groundnut Cracking Machine
  • The peanut shell removing machine has a compact structure, easy operation, stable and reliable performance,
  • High shelling efficiency, low crushing rate of peanut kernels, good sorting, low loss rate, etc.
  • Clean impurities and less shelling rate of 99%, peanut breakage rate of less than 1%
  • Low noise, easy to move, the groundnut cracking machine has rollers and can be moved anywhere

How to use a peanut shell removal machine?

Peanut shell removing machine working
Peanut Shelling Machine Working

Before use, check whether the fasteners are tightened, whether the rotating parts of the large peanut shelling machine are flexible, whether there is lubricating oil in each bearing, and whether the groundnut cracking machine should be placed on stable ground; before use, check the power supply and peanut shelling machine. The switch of the groundnut cracking machine must be in the off position; after the motor is started, the rotation of the rotor should be consistent with the direction indicated on the machine. The small peanut shelling machine should idle for a few minutes to observe whether there is any abnormal sound. Feed peanuts.

Peanut shell removing machine