A farmer in Ghana owns an extensive peanut plantation, and as production grows year after year, the traditional manual shelling method can no longer meet the demand for efficient processing.

To increase the speed of peanut processing, reduce labor intensity and ensure product quality, the farmer sought to introduce modern peanut shelling equipment.

Groundnut shelling and cleaning machine
groundnut shelling and cleaning machine

Buy groundnut shelling and cleaning machine for Ghana farm

After comparing several peanut cleaning and shelling machines on the market, the Ghanaian farmer chose our peanut shelling and cleaning machine. The unit won the customer’s favor with its high efficiency, low breakage rate and adaptability,

This kind of combined groundnut cleaning and shelling machine has a ≥99 cleaning rate and shelling rate, ≤0.5 loss rate and breakage rate, which is perfect for his farm. So, he finally purchased one.

Also, this customer decided to load 20ft containers for delivery.

Taizy peanut shelling and cleaning machine
Taizy peanut shelling and cleaning machine

Use effect and feedback

After receiving the equipment, the farmer immediately put it into use on his own farm. After a period of actual operation, the peanut shelling unit showed remarkable results:

  • Significantly improve the work efficiency: Compared with the traditional manual shelling, the mechanized operation makes the peanut shelling time greatly shortened, and improves the overall production efficiency.
  • Ensure the quality of products: Through fine adjustment of shelling strength and screening procedures, effectively reduce the damage of peanut kernels, to protect the integrity of the product and commercial value.
  • Simple operation and low maintenance cost: The groundnut shelling and cleaning machine unit structure is reasonably designed, easy to operate and easy to learn, and good durability, reducing the daily maintenance and repair costs.
Peanut kernel
peanut kernel

The intention of follow-up cooperation

Because of the excellent performance of the groundnut shelling and cleaning machine in practical application, the Ghanaian farmer expressed high recognition of our products and planned to continue purchasing more peanut shelling units in the subsequent expansion of the farm’s production capacity.

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