In the modern food industry, peanut brittle has become a popular delicacy, both as a snack and as a casual snack. If you’re dreaming of starting your own peanut brittle business on a small scale, we have exciting news! Let Taizy’s peanut candy production line help you start a unique and delicious business.

Small peanut brittle business
small peanut brittle business

Look for a start-up peanut brittle business opportunity

The first step in launching a small peanut brittle business is to look for a start-up business opportunity. The peanut brittle market is expanding, and consumers are increasingly hungry for handmade, high-quality snacks. By partnering with Tazer, you can take advantage of their state-of-the-art production line and easily meet this market demand.

Choose the right peanut candy production line

The peanut brittle making machine line has the following steps: peanut roasting→peanut peeling→cooking pot→blending→peanut brittle bar forming→packaging.

Commercial peanut brittle production line
commercial peanut brittle production line

Taizy offers a wide range of peanut candy production lines with 50kg/h-500kg/h for businesses of all sizes. From small entrepreneurs to larger producers, you can choose the line that best suits your budget and production needs.

Guarantee quality and taste

In the peanut candy industry, quality and taste are crucial. Our production line uses advanced technology to ensure that each piece of peanut candy has a uniform texture and a rich peanut flavour. This not only enhances the taste of the product, but also establishes a high-quality image for your brand.

Tasty peanut brittle bar
tasty peanut brittle bar

Customized production to meet the demand for innovation

As the peanut candy market continues to innovate, customers are increasingly focusing on personalisation and special features. Taizy’s peanut brittle bar production line allows you to customize production to meet different flavour and innovation needs, making your peanut candies stand out in the market.

Training and support for your peanut brittle business

Taizy not only provides efficient production lines, but also training and support for our customers. Whether you have experience in food processing or not, our team of professionals will ensure that you are proficient in operating the equipment and guarantee the smooth running of the production process.


Start your small peanut brittle business in the sweet and savoury world of peanut brittle! By choosing Taizy’s automatic peanut brittle machine line, you will not only be able to increase your production efficiency, but also be able to create a unique and delicious brand image in the market. Let’s embrace the sweet entrepreneurial journey together now!