A well-known local food company in Myanmar specializes in the production and supply of peanut candy.

In order to meet the increasing market demand, improve product quality and expand production capacity, the company decided to introduce a modern peanut brittle making machine.

Peanut brittle making machine for sale
peanut brittle making machine for sale

Introduction of Taizy peanut brittle making machine

Our peanut brittle processing equipment integrates peanut baking, peeling, sugar boiling, mixing, moulding and cooling, and adopts advanced automation control technology, which ensures the accuracy of all aspects of peanut sugar production.

Attractions of peanut brittle machine for Myanmar

  • High efficiency and energy saving: The equipment operates with high efficiency and low energy consumption, which effectively reduces the production cost.
  • Quality assurance: Through precise temperature-controlled frying and scientific ratio mixing, it ensures that the peanut candy has a crispy taste and moderate sweetness.
  • Hygiene and safety: In line with food safety standards, the entire production process is closed and hygienic, ensuring that the product meets the requirements of export-level quality.
Peanut brittle processing equipment for sale
peanut brittle processing equipment for sale

Application effect and customer feedback

Increase production capacity

Since the introduction of Taizy peanut candy equipment, the average daily output of the Myanmar food company has increased significantly, greatly improving the market supply capacity.

Improve peanut brittle bar quality

The standardized production process brought by the new peanut brittle making machine has improved the overall quality of the peanut candy, making it stand out from other competitors and winning widespread praise from consumers.

Customer comments

The Myanmar customer spoke highly of the Taizy peanut candy equipment, saying that it not only helped them improve peanut candy production efficiency, but also strengthened their brand image and further consolidated their leading position in the local market.