Congulations to Taizy! In May 2023, one customer from Zimbabwe ordered a line of peanut candy making machine for his business.

This Zimbabwean customer wanted to start a new business in the field of peanut candy production and planned to produce about 150 kg of peanut candy per hour with a finished size of 95*45*15 mm. However, due to financial problems, he had to postpone it for some time. In March this year, he re-contacted us and made payment in May.

How do we design a solution for the peanut candy making machine with a capacity of 150kg/h for Zimbabwe?

Based on this customer’s needs, we designed a peanut candy production line specifically for his needs. This line is able to meet his output requirement of 150 kg per hour and ensure a stable peanut brittle size of 95*45*15 mm. The efficiency and stability of the machine ensured the smooth operation of the line.

By introducing this production line, the customer not only improved the production efficiency, but also could produce peanut candy products with excellent quality. This not only brought growth and development opportunities for his business, but also provided the local market with high-quality peanut candy products.

Reference to peanut brittle production line PI for Zimbabwe

Notes to the peanut brittle making machine:

  1. Voltage: 380v 50hz 3phase;
  2. The peanut candy size is 95*45*15mm.