Good news! We export our peanut harvester machine to Botswana for groundnut harvesting. Our client is from Botswana, he is an experienced peanut farmer with a large farm and significant annual production. However, traditional manual harvesting methods make the harvesting process cumbersome and time-consuming.

To improve harvesting efficiency, he urgently needed a peanut harvester with superior performance. He wanted to find a machine that could harvest peanuts quickly and efficiently, while being simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Peanut harvester machine
peanut harvester machine

What are his concerns as a farm owner?

  • Performance: Whether the machine could work stably in a variety of terrain conditions.
  • Harvesting efficiency: Whether the harvesting speed can meet the needs of the farm’s large area.
  • After-sales service: Whether the supplier can provide timely and effective technical support and maintenance services.

Why choose Taizy peanut harvester machine finally?

After a detailed comparison with several suppliers, this customer finally chose our peanut harvester. T

Taizy peanut harvester won his trust with its excellent working performance and efficient harvesting ability. In addition, we promise to provide comprehensive after-sales service, including technical support and spare parts supply, to ensure that the machine can be used without any worries.

We perfectly solved his concerns, which made him trust and have confidence in us so much that he chose to cooperate with us.

Taizy peanut harvesting machine for sale
Taizy peanut harvesting machine for sale

How to deliver and make payment?

Regarding the payment, this customer chose to complete the payment through bank transfer.

When delivering, we arranged a professional logistics team to safely transport the peanut harvester machine to Botswana. The whole transportation process went smoothly and the machine was installed and commissioned in detail upon arrival to ensure that he could put it into use immediately.

Interested? Contact us now for more machine details!

If you’re interested in the peanut harvesting machine, welcome to contact us immediately, and we’ll provide the best solution to help your peanut farming.