Recently, we exported a peanut roaster machine for sale to Pakistan. Owning a food processing company in Pakistan, this customer wanted to improve the quality and taste of its peanut products to meet market demand and enhance competitiveness. After market research and comparison, he chose Taizy’s peanut roaster machine and introduced it into his groundnut processing line.

Peanut roaster machine for sale
peanut roaster machine for sale

Introduction to Taizy peanut roasting machine

Our peanut roaster machine for sale adopts advanced hot air circulation technology, which can roast peanuts evenly and quickly, while maintaining the original nutritional value and taste of peanuts. The equipment is simple to operate, easy to maintain, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and is suitable for peanut processing enterprises of various scales.

Understanding the above, this customer eventually placed the order, the purchase order is listed below:

Peanut roaster machinePeanut Roaster Machine
Size (mm):3000*1200*1700
Electric heating power(kw):18
304 stainless steel parts in contact with materials
Cover 201 stainless steel

Includes 2 sets spare parts
1 pc
machine list for Pakistan

Application effect of peanut roaster machine for sale in Pakistan

Since the introduction of our peanut roaster, the quality of the company’s peanut products has been significantly improved, and consumer feedback is good. Specifically in the following aspects:

  • Stable quality: The high degree of automation of the groundnut roasting machine ensures precise control of roasting time and temperature, thus guaranteeing the stable quality of each batch of products.
  • Increase in efficiency: Compared with the traditional manual or semi-automatic baking method, the roaster greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the labour cost.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: The peanut roaster machine for sale adopts efficient heat utilization technology, which has an obvious energy-saving effect and meets the requirements of the sustainable development of enterprises.
  • Good taste: Peanuts baked by the roasting machine have golden colour, rich aroma and crispy taste, which are loved by consumers.

Customer evaluation

The Pakistani customer expressed great satisfaction with the performance of Taizy peanut roasting machine, which was a key step for him to improve product quality and production. He also said that Taizy’s products are not only technologically advanced, but also have good service, which provides strong support for his company’s business.