Good news from Thailand! This customer from Thailand bought the peanut cutting machine for groundnut processing. Our peanut crushing machine is easy to operate, has high efficiency and has good product quality, which meets the customer’s production needs.

Peanut kernel cutting machine
peanut kernel cutting machine

Background of the Thailand client

The Thai customer is a peanut processing enterprise, mainly producing peanut crushed. Due to the low efficiency and unstable product quality of the previously used equipment, the customer decided to buy a new peanut cutting machine.

Reasons for choosing our peanut cutting machine

After many comparisons, the customer chose Taizy peanut crusher, mainly because of the following advantages of our machine:

  • Cut peanuts into uniform sizes,1-8mm to meet the different needs of customers.
  • Easy to operate, high efficiency, 400kg per hour.
  • Widely used in biscuits, pastries, and cake making, etc.

After using the machine, the customer said that the quality of the products produced by the machine is good and meets the customer’s production needs. If there is a chance, we can also cooperate with each other.

Machine list for Thailand

peanut cutting machine
Complete with Accessories
Peanut cutting machine complete with accessories
Model: TZ-60
Dimension:1.6*0.8*1.5 m
Two sieves:3mm and 5mm
1 pc
Rotary pump 
Complete with Accessories
Rotary pump complete with accessories
Model: SLP-900 
Filling range:5g-25kg per time, hopper volume 30L,
Weight 30kg
Dimension 65*23.5*24cm
Filling nozzle: 20mm and 14mm
1 pc
machine list for Thailand

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