Sugar melting pot

Sugar melting pot for making peanut candy


Sugar is definitely indispensable in making peanut candy. Cane sugar will melt when heated, and can be mixed with roasted nuts, and then shaped and cut. This is the basic....

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Peanut peeler

An easy-to-use peanut peeler


It is very agreeable to buy shelled peanuts or peanut kernels when processing peanuts, but it is not easy to buy peanuts with the red skin removed. The wet peanut....

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Three ways to judge whether peanuts are ripe


The peanut harvesting time must be appropriate. If the harvest is too early, a large number of peanuts will not fully develop and mature, resulting in incomplete peanuts and shriveled....

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Oil extraction machines

Which oil extraction machines are used for peanut oil?


The two common oil extraction machines in the market are screw presses and hydraulic presses, but we are not very clear about their differences, and we do not know which....

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Peanut planting

Peanut planting with or without shell


Peanut planting is peeling or planting with shells, in fact, there are two methods, but the characteristics of these two methods of peanut planting are different, and the suitable areas....

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